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For me photography is more than a way to capture an object or scene.  It’s a medium of relation, and can be a way to explore what is inside, by way of what is outside, and vice-versa.


Human experience occurs within a context of time and space.  Since photography can use these two variables in distinct and specific ways, it can also open up new ways of perceiving, understanding, and interacting with life.


A photograph is the convergence of relative parts, the final one being the viewer.  Its meaning is a function of all of these relationships.


My use of photography begins very personally and directly, in my daily life:  I am struck—something inside me is affected by what I see, sometimes without knowing why.  Wanting to engage these interruptions attentively, I trust my intuition and respond immediately.  My subsequent inquiry into this becomes the basis for what I do with this initial seed;  with openness and wonder, I gradually become familiar with the innate potency of a raw image (or negative), exploring its latent potential, and seeking its most effective printed form. If a negative is like a score of music and the print is its performance, this expressive, interpretive part of my process is essential to producing a piece that is emotionally alive.


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